Who am I?



My name is Ciaran McFalls and I am a self employed photographer. I started my photography back in 2013 when I left school. I attended Wakefield College and studied a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Photography gaining a D*D*D overall after 2 years. I found that photography was a fun way for me to express myself as I was not a very outgoing person in my younger years. It helped me interact with people more confidently and effectively so that I could be heard above the crowd.

I was a member of 59 (Huddersfield) Squadron Air Training Corps for 6 years where I had the chance to express my interest in photography at various events and activities that would not have been readily available to me had I not been a cadet. Following this I joined the RAF  as an airman in April 2017 to train professionally as a photographer.

A quote I like to think applies very well to me would be "Find the one thing you can do all day without looking at your watch, that's your passion"